What kinds of classes are offered at the Ohio Combat Sports Academy?

- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Adults & Kids)
- Judo   (Adults & Kids)
- Submission Grappling / No-Gi (Adults)
- Kickboxing (Adults)
- MMA (Adults) 
 Who would be a good fit to train at Ohio Combat Sports Academy?
- Nearly anyone can experience the amazing benefits of the classes we offer!  Self-defense, confidence, and gaining a healthy lifestyle are just some of the reasons for training at the OCSA.
Do you offer classes for Kids?
- Our Youth classes (ages 6 - 13 years) teach techniques that will give your child the ability to control a bigger, stronger attacker using a multitude of techniques.
Most importantly, kids have fun in a safe, positive, & motivational environment. Not only that, but they will meet new friends and have a great time!
If you want your child to develop self-confidence, better discipline, and high levels of fitness…then please contact us about checking our classes!
Can Women benefit from the classes at the Ohio Combat Sports Academy?
- Women will find that our classes give them distinct advantages over other martial arts, self-defense, or alternative fitness classes. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s reliance on leverage and technique over strength can help to overcome a larger & stronger opponent. During an assault, a woman could find herself forced to the ground. BJJ also emphasizes the use of escapes from bottom positions as well as the guard position. This position allows a subject trapped on the bottom during an assault, to control and incapacitate an attacker.
How are classes structured?
- At the OCSA, our structured classes begin with a warm up of stretching and calisthenics, then a series of related drills, followed by technique instruction, and finally a period of sparring (also known as "rolling").

How do I get started?

- Anyone wishing to come in to find out more information about membership & classes to contact us a schedual a time to meet with one of our instructors:
614-288-0398 (call or txt)
We always like to have the oppurtunity to meet with NEW Members in person...that way we can fully answer all your questions you might have, as well as get to know you & what your goals are for training.  This will also allow to check out our 8,000 sqft facility & take in a FREE trial class or two! 
What do I wear my first time (Intro Class) to class?
- The best thing to wear to your first class is a t-shirt & gym shorts. A mouthpiece is also recommended, although it's not required.  
What are our Membership Rates?
- When you look at the number of classes we offer on a weekly basis, our professional facility, and the caliber of instruction...our membership rates are some of the most competitive in Central Ohio!  That said, the price for an 'individual member' can range from $145 to $95 per month (price will depend on the Membership Plan you choose).  These prices DO NOT include any additional 'discounts'...see below!
Do we offer any "Discounted Membership" rates?
- YES, we do offer "Discounted Membership Rates" for the following:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire / EMT
  • Active or Ret. Military
  • National Guard
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
We also give FAMILY DISCOUNTS for 2 or more members of the same house hold!